Our solutions
Conference systems

Our (tele)conference and translation systems offer reliable and simple to operate solutions for intelligible communication. Perfect for integrating in a meeting room and/or via a network connection for worldwide meetings.

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Music, voice and sound systems

It’s of the utmost importance for the interpreter’s intentions to completely penetrate the hearts of the audience when transferring feelings from music, film, theatre and services...

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Public Address & Evacuation Systems

It’s important for the general public to be able to quickly and safely leave the location in case of an impending disaster or worse. The reliability and intelligibility of your public address and evacuation system will be absolutely vital...

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What our customers say
“We zijn zeer tevreden over de eenvoud van de bediening. Deze oplossing biedt onze klanten een nog hoger niveau van vergaderen aan, zonder het ingewikkeld te maken.”

“We are very pleased with the sound quality of the system and its simple interface. We now have a system that is ready for the future, whose project costs also stayed comfortably within budget.”

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