“We are very pleased with the sound quality of the system and its simple interface. We now have a system that is ready for the future, whose project costs also stayed comfortably within budget.”

- Erik van Steden, registrar of the municipality of Barneveld

Barneveld municipality has nearly 55,000 residents. Its stunning, historic town hall is home to municipality's impressive council chamber. For years, a beyerdynamic MCS100 conference system was used here to everyone's satisfaction.
When it was realised last year that, after such a long time in use, it would need to be replaced, the Orbis conference system by beyerdynamic quickly became the preferred choice for a substitute as it was not only a reliable solution, but matched the needs of a modern conference environment.

Barneveld municipality had a rather ambitious wish list. Of course, the new system had to sound sublime, but it also had to line up with future interest in online broadcasting, have a user-friendly interface, and have a form that fit amidst the decor of the classic structure.
After extensive testing, the Orbis system appeared to meet all the requirements. The sound quality exceeded expectation and the system had to deal disruptions caused by frequent interference from mobile phones and tablets. The standard Cat5 cable for the wiring reduces costs and makes future service and maintenance very simple. The microphones were made to order and blend seamlessly into the existing interior. Furthermore, it is possible to centrally link up with a video system, which allows future gatherings to be streamed online with picture and sound via the network.

Barneveld municipality chose the Orbis wired system from beyerdynamic with 42 swan-neck microphones, 60 cm in length. Biamp Nexia was also a part of the solution. Nexia DSP (Digital Sound Processing) ensure that sound and in turn, speech clarity, are at their best in the chamber and during recording, but also for (online) broadcasting.