“Those using the hall can easily operate the system themselves and I no longer need to worry about the system’s speech intelligibility and user satisfaction”.

- Mr Peter Beke, Project Leader at the municipality

The municipality of Woluwe is a town and municipality in the Brussels Capital Region. The municipality has approximately 54,000 residents.

The municipality was looking for a new meeting system for the city council in the town hall, which is also a national monument.

It goes without saying this new meeting system needed to satisfy a number of important conditions:

• Wireless because of the multifunctional use of the council hall
• Translation options via the conference system
• Simple loading facility
• Optimal speech intelligibility
• Very easy to use
Electric Sound Benelux has put together a system in close collaboration with the municipality and demonstrated that this perfectly links into the users’ requirements.

The operation has been kept extremely simple through the use of a fading panel with 4 presets, linked to a Digital Sound Processor (DSP). The DSP allows for optimal control and reproduction of all audio signals to, for example, the speakers, microphone stations, translator, headphones, etc., whilst the user doesn’t need to adjust anything (just pick one of the four presets).

The TS400 and TS200 loudspeakers have been chosen as the reproducers, which are top quality products with a slim design and optimal radiation behaviour.

The product
We have opted for a wireless beyer dynamic system with 37 Quinta MU 21 gooseneck microphone units and 2 portable microphones. The wireless Quinta system is used worldwide and is characterised by a high degree of flexibility, sound quality and reliability.

The Biamp Nexia CS is used as the audio processor and the Dynacord TS400 and TS200 are the chosen loudspeakers.
The final result certainly does justice to the hall’s historical values. A technologically advanced solution, whereby the user has always remained the central focus point.