“Our meetings now run incredibly smoothly. We also want to have the option of meeting via Skype whenever the need arises. After a few weeks of use, we have come to the conclusion that Devio has significantly increased the efficiency and quality of our meetings.”

- Eric Hofman, Senior Inside Sales & Office Manager at Nitek Europe

Nitek Security Transmission Solutions opts for Devio by Biamp. Nitek Europe was searching for an AV conference solution for its weekly sales meeting with colleagues in the United States. The existing system was not functioning satisfactorily.

Nitek International LLC is located in Rolling Meadows, Illinois (USA) and is a company primarily focussed on the design, development and manufacture of advanced and ultimately reliable CCTV transmission systems.

Nitek has customers in virtually every Trade, Industry and Government segment, who fully rely on this company’s CCTV transmission systems.

The existing system’s speech intelligibility was so poor that a completely unworkable situation had arisen. This situation forced Nitek Europe to start looking for a solution which could function smoothly and which would also be suitable for communicating via Skype.

The final choice was a combination of Biamp’s Devio with the Electro-Voice EVID 2.1 speaker system, after various different options were thoroughly tested.
The product
An increasing number of companies are now making the transition to open spaces, flexible working hours and efficient meeting structures.

Biamp’s Devio will allow you to equip every room and working space with a flexible AV conference solution.

Biamp’s decades of experience in AV conference technology is incorporated in Devio. This has resulted in optimal audibility and maximum userconvenience now being raised to a, so far, unprecedented level.

The Electro-Voice EVID compact sound speaker series offers an unmatched ‘performance to size’ ratio within small format installation solutions.