When sharing knowledge, clarity is of utmost importance. Are your professors easy to understand in a way that is required for a classroom or lecture hall? With our state-of-the-art equipment, you will provide each classroom, lecture hall, auditorium, and general space with flawless sound clarity. Even for hearing-impaired students.

Some schools drum up so much interest from students that sound has to be heard across several rooms or even broadcast via the internet. Our products offer reliable and easy-to-use solutions for this.

Schools and universities must be able to be safely and quickly evacuated in the event of a(n) (impending) disaster. With our NEN2575-certified broadcasting and evacuation systems, you will be heard clearly during any type of incident!

Great clarity, short start-up times, ease of use, and reliability are the basic tenets of our solutions.

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Our solutions...
Conference systems
Our (tele)conference and translation systems offer reliable and simple to operate solutions for intelligible communication...
Public Address & Evacuation Systems
It’s important for the general public to be able to quickly and safely leave the location in case of an impending disaster or worse...
Music, voice and sound systems
It’s of the utmost importance for the interpreter’s intentions to completely penetrate the hearts of the audience when transferring feelings from music, film, theatre and services...