Communication with clients is essential for you to provide quality service. That starts from the second you introduce yourself. Are the employees behind your patient reception desk and evening service window understandable for everyone? Even for the hearing impaired?

Consulting with colleagues in your field, both domestically and internationally, is quite common. Are you both being heard as clearly as you could be? With our (tele) conferencing solutions, it does not matter where in the world the people you are talking to are located. With a flick of the wrist, you will be sitting together in the virtual boardroom with people from various continents.

Your public spaces must be able to be safely and quickly evacuated in the event of a disaster. You want to be able to direct your clients and employees from/to a certain space/location as quickly as possible, right? With our NEN2575-certified broadcasting and evacuation systems, you will be heard loud and clear during any emergency!
By using our equipment, which is made especially for service desks, your employees will be heard clearly, even by the hearing impaired.

Great clarity, short start-up times, ease of use, and reliability are the basic tenets of our solutions.

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Our solutions...
Conference systems
Our (tele)conference and translation systems offer reliable and simple to operate solutions for intelligible communication...
Public Address & Evacuation Systems
It’s important for the general public to be able to quickly and safely leave the location in case of an impending disaster or worse...