Multifunctionality is the magic word of the modern day. Every space must be adjustable for every purpose—from large parties to intimate gatherings. With our flexible solutions, it is possible to create the perfect experience for all your guests, even during multiple, simultaneous events spread across several rooms, including the hearing impaired.

Good hospital begins from the second you introduce yourself. Are your employees at the reception desk easy to understand? Even for older generations and the hearing impaired?

A clear and easy-to-use conference system and/or routable audio system add a certain versatility and functionality to your spaces. We also offer mobile conference and audio systems, so that each hall can serve as a multifunctional location.

Your spaces must be safely and quickly evacuated in the event of a disaster. With our NEN2575-certified broadcasting and evacuation systems, you will be heard clearly during any type of emergency!

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Our solutions...
Public Address & Evacuation Systems
It’s important for the general public to be able to quickly and safely leave the location in case of an impending disaster or worse...
Music, voice and sound systems
It’s of the utmost importance for the interpreter’s intentions to completely penetrate the hearts of the audience when transferring feelings from music, film, theatre and services...